1. Wavydays

  2. Much better. More lighting, more detail.
    Pretty happy with the way it turned out.


  3. Detectives office, Wip, using maya

  4. Just finished up on a 3d model of a goalie mask.

    NHL comes back in less then a month! Yaaaas


  5. Some bifrost fun. Poor quality renders, but hey! You get the point


  6. Site coming soon

    ~ Stay Wavy ~

  7. This ruled so hard. Best game I have played in a while. I just want more


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    And Instagram @wavydays

  9. Doing some motion capture work.

    Got in the suit and acted last week, now processing all the data in Blade, then moving to motion builder to finish up.

  10. Cawfee, cawfee, more cawfee.

    It all ends here. Our main character is placed in a field where the story may come to a close.

    This project has been so time consuming and I underestimated it. But it’s coming along. ~~

  11. Some more police characters for the upcoming short. Chief on top, Mahoney on bottom. Just quick renders, more detailed images will come shortly. 

    ~Stay Wavy

  12. It’s always a great feeling when you skin a character and his vertices don’t go all over the place. Joints, smooth bind, a little paint weights and component editing.

    Granola Detective.

    More coming soon.

  13. Main character is coming along.

    He will be a granola cop. Need to polish everything, fix some faces, then bring it into mud box to make it look all fancy. I have never done it before so here goes nothing.

  14. Small town.

    A quick render with physical sun and sky, no textures, of a main street created for the intro of a short animation I am working on.

  15. Sometimes rigging a character just makes you want to make this face.